The Ellis Fund is committed to strengthening the support network for families facing pediatric cancer in Southwest Missouri. See below for our latest partnerships and a gallery documenting our history of community involvement. 

@savannnah.13 made her gingerbread house...Well Done!

A Merry Christmas treat for our Ellis Fund families. @n_p_bell baked and assembled gingerbread kits with her family to give to our EF families, creating fun memories for them all. 

Another gingerbread house! Love seeing the different ideas!


Though the years, The Ellis Fund has hosted a number of fundraisers and events with community partners in Southwest Missouri. Check out our gallery bellow for a glimpse of the The Ellis Fund at work. 

Update on our May 26-28, 2019 live-streamed world record attempt.


Pediatric cancer survivor and Ellis Fund recipient Marcelo and his friend Cody will challenge the Guinness World Record for "Longest Session Playing a Fighting Game" by playing Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for 60 hours on Twitch. 

Cody and Marcelo are pulling double-duty to use this opportunity to raise awareness and funding for The Ellis Fund. 

We Raised $5,150!!!