Words from Zeke Edwards

"A few months ago I felt a pain in my left side, which started to get worse in time. Eventually I wasn't able to sleep, so my Dad took me into the hospital. The scans showed that I had a tumor growing out of one of my ribs, so we were sent to St. Jude's hospital in Memphis. I stayed there for about a month, during which time I had the tumor removed, and they found it was malignant. They also removed a part of my rib, and a piece of my lung because the tumor had attached to it. My diagnosis was Ewing's Sarcoma, which is a rare type of bone cancer. After recovering, I went back home, where I started seven months of chemotherapy. The treatment is often hard, but I've been given much support from my friends and family, and many prayers, which have helped me a lot during this time."

- Zeke Edwards

Zeke and his sister

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